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“Is my passed loved one mad at me? Is he/she still upset over…” medium

As a practicing psychic medium in New York, the above question is perhaps one of, if not the most common question asked to me by individuals concerned about their relatives and friends that have passed over to the spirit realm.

These concerns are based in human fear and emotions. However, one must consider that these thoughts are, indeed, human, and such, do not apply to the world of Spirit. Once the soul crosses over, such things which are based on ego are no longer of concern. Grudges and squabbles of their past lives are no longer relevant to them as the soul has transcended well beyond the living mind.

Spirits that have crossed over only want to be remembered in a positive light, which comes as a result of their newly acquired higher perspective that goes beyond the human ego. It is important to them that we learn to forgive ourselves for the misdoings we’ve done to them, as well as their misdoings to us.

Often times when a spirit tells me “I’m with so and so”. I know that they did not get along on earth, but here they are working together on the other side. The spirit then becomes the spiritual and emotional support guide for the living, helping them navigate through the tough situations presented on a daily basis.

Our Choice

It is important to remember that we choose our lives before each incarnation.  On the other side of the Spirit World, we have full clarity of our Higher Selves.  We understand what our souls need to learn on earth to develop spiritually.  We, therefore focus on these lessons and structure our future lives on earth accordingly.  That, usually includes not only choosing the place and time to be born into, but our families, friends and adversaries.  It is usually these earthly adversaries that are our soul mates on the other side.  The graciously agree to go aide us in our life’s journey by presenting us with a serious of emotional or physical challenges.  It is that effort that makes us learn.

One like to compare our life’s journey to a learning institution of the sorts. If the class is too easy, you breathe through it without retaining much information.  But if the class is particularly demanding, you have no choice to put in the extra struggle and effort.  In the end, however, it is that difficult class that gives you most results and ultimate satisfaction.

Once we cross over to the other side, the full purpose of our lives becomes clear.  It is for that that we understand that earthly squabbles and quarrels were nothing but a lesson learned.  And, far from holding grudges, our souls are very thankful to the people around us who made it possible for us to learn and progress.

Being a medium gives me true understanding in regards to our spiritual teams guiding us through life. I hope that some of my wisdom shared in this article has been helpful in answering some of your questions about the world of spirits.

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