Gut Knows Best

Do you listen to your gut feeling? Gut Feeling

How often have you had that gut feeling? You know something is wrong or right—at least, something is telling you that.

People don’t always listen to that feeling, though. Too many people follow their head, and ignore the warning signs. A psychic medium will tell you that the gut really does know best, and here is why you need to trust it more often.

That Gut Feeling Isn’t Paranoia

Too many people feel that their gut reaction is really just paranoia or overreacting about something. You may have that niggling feeling that you’re being followed or that your health problems are something more severe. You can’t put your finger on why you feel that way. It’s not you being paranoid, it’s a psychic intuition that something is wrong. A medium will be able to help figure out what that is, and help you trust your gut more.

That First Impression

First impressions count, and you may have heard that when it comes to job interviews and first dates. You’ll know it’s true, because you will get a first impression of someone. If that impression is negative, you may look for reasons for that. However, in many cases it is your gut reaction to go against the person. You’ve got to work out whether the reaction is from your core or your head. A medium will be able to help with that.

While there are times that following your head will help, you should never underestimate your gut. When you get that niggling feeling, your gut is telling you something is wrong. It’s not a case of mind over matter. Any good psychic medium will be able to tell you when that gut feeling is justified and how you can listen to it more clearly.

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