Heaven And Hell

Do Heaven and Hell exist?

I often have conversations with people about what happens when we die.  Where do we go? What do we see? How do we feel?

However, by far the question that I get most is: “What about Heaven and Hell?” Is that real? If so, how does one get into one and avoid the other?

Heaven and Hell in the Abrahamic religions

The notion of heaven and hell is most thoroughly defined by Christianity.  What was originally based on a vague, Judaic description of afterlife, became a behemoth of an afterlife manual: complete with concrete description of rewards and punishment (Dante’s Inferno, anyone?) The more severe the crime, the more sever (and creative) the punishment.  In Christianity, the concept of Hell is very physical.  While it’s your soul that enters hell, the feeling of pain is not only spiritual, but bodily as well.

Hell in Islam takes a middle ground between the vagueness of Judaism and overwhelming detail of ChristianityAccording to the Koran, suffering in hell is both physical and spiritual.  Heaven, however, is described in significant detail – being itself comprised of eight gates, each, in turn being divided into a hundred degrees (that’s a whole lot of degrees!).

So, before describing what I have come to believe, I need to clarify why I believe it.

First – when I became a medium, I read A LOT.  Practically everything I could get my hands on.  The subjects varied: from past life regressions to near-death experiences; from major world religions to folklore and mythology and its numerous views on what happens when we die. Finally, whatever something was left unclear – I just asked the source – Spirit.  That’s right.  It is possible to have conversation with Spirit – after all, these are souls, just like us – just in a different form.  Actually, they are in the original form that is most natural to us and that we will eventually return to.  But that’s a whole different subject – and I digress. The Spirits that I spoke with have been through many lives and deaths and know what they’re talking about – trust me.

So what does Spirit tell us?

The result is the following description of Heaven and Hell as I know it.

Shortly after our departure from this planet, we – all of us – go through a life review.  If you remember reading or hearing about near-death- experiences; in many of them survivors tell of ‘life flashing before their eyes’.  Well, it’s something like that. Once we shed the limitation of a body and brain, we find ourselves in our pure energy form. In that state, we know and remember everything. As we become part of the universe, we become part of what Carl Jung called thecollective unconsciousness.’ It is in that form, with the help of our Spirit Guides, that we begin a life review.  Everything becomes known and clear. Not only do we go through waking moment of our lives just ended, we FEEL them.  However, as part of the collective unconsciousness, the feelings that are available to us are not just our own – but also those of the people who benefited – or suffered – from our actions.

So, as a result of this review, not only may we feel pride, contentment, satisfaction and delights from the good deeds we have done throughout our lives, we also feel every letdown, hurt, deceit and suffering, we may have caused others. Imagine that! Imagine feeling every morsel of pain felt by everyone you may have harmed during the whole course of your life – all at once.

You guessed it – that’s Hell.  Just like Heaven, which is the pride and joy you feel as you review the good you have done; hell is the pain and suffering of others that become YOURS.

Eventually, you will use both negative and positive experiences as a learning tool for your soul’s development.  And you will clearly understand how it is you, and you alone, who bears sole responsibility for the Heaven and Hell of your own making.

Did I answer your question? Would you like to know more? Do you have a subject you would like to read about? DROP ME A NOTE and I will be happy to address it.

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