About Me

"Most Mediums are psychic since childhood. Not me. I woke up like that one morning."

- Marina.

Marina is an authentic, highly sought out Certified Medium and Tarot Advisor who has both enlightened and transformed the lives of every client she has worked with. As a strongly advocated, evidential medium who delivers detailed validations and messages from passed loved ones, Marina has already made a lasting mark in her gifted role and proving that there is more to life than this one brief stint here on this earth.

Unlike most mediums, Marina was not born this way. Her spiritual gift arose several years ago during a blissful massage, where she saw an older man appear in her mind. He took her on a journey through a small Western US town and talked about a woman named Carol, which Marina later discovered was her masseuse when confronting her about what she saw. Since then, Marina has embraced her new role as the bridge between the two realms, avidly studying and learning how to listen, converse, and receive messages with the spirit world, including mastering the art of tarot reading.

Nothing makes Marina happier than being able to deliver people closure, comfort, and peace by reconnecting them with loved ones who have passed. She takes pride in her abilities and demonstrates that ardency by providing powerful experiences and readings that leave her clients feeling both invigorated and in awe as they realize that the human body may die, but the spirit itself does not.

If you are ready to reconnect with a loved one or desire to learn more about tarot readings, then don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with Marina today. As a chosen messenger by the spirits themselves, Marina does not use any gimmicks, rituals, or silly spells to channel, just a life-changing three-way conversation between her, you, and the spirit.

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