A visually engaging deck with Astrological and Kabbalistic attributes

Soul’s Journey Tarot is a deck symbolic of a journey that each soul makes. This is a journey from the spirit world down to our own and then back again.In addition to symbology and numerology each card contains astrologicaland Kabbalistic symbols to make your readings easier yet more meaningful.

Soul’s Journey Tarot is based on a combination of both: Golden Dawn and Thoth Deck systems. The imagery derives from both with an addition of symbols of the two occult systems.  In addition, court cardsare associated with historical images to ease reading personalities and their traits.

This visual stunning deck contains 78 cards – 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana plus a card guide booklet. The cards are gold-framed and come in a luxury flip box that makes perfect card storage.

While Tarot Cards are not (nor should they be used for) ‘fortune telling’ the decks are used for divination.  Tarot is perfect at clarifying situations and bringing issues to the surface that you may or may not have thought important.  The cards, through the principal of synchronicity give you advice – whether you draw a card a day or learn to do elaborate subject spreads.