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Professional Tarot Reading – Insightful & Intense

Insightful & Intense Professional Tarot Reading



In this reading, I will combine my professional Tarot skills with my mediumistic abilities to answer a question of your choosing: whether it’s relationship, career, finances or any other issue to which you need an answer, I will draw ten cards that will not will illuminate the situation, but also get to the cause of the problem and, most importantly, guide you on the path to success. 

This reading is very detailed and thorough.  Not only will you understand the external obstacle and challenges that may be surrounding the problem, you will know any external influences around the issue that you could not, otherwise, realize. The cards will guide you in the direction in which you need to proceed in order to improve your situation and be on your way to happiness.

During the reading, I will shuffle the cards while channelling my energy to your question and concentrate on what the Spirit has to show you. The cards will do the rest to create a powerful solution or revelation. Please keep in mind: the more precise your question, the more precise and accurate the answer will be.

As a member of both the Tarot Association and the American Tarot Association, I adhere to their highest code of ethics  to which I also add my own.  All my readings are guaranteed to be 100% honest, professional and confidential.

You will receive your detailed reading via email.


**Please note: as a professional Tarot reader, I am not authorized to answer fixed questions about life or death, pregnancy or legal matters.  Please seek professional expertise for any of those situations.

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1 review for Professional Tarot Reading – Insightful & Intense

  1. Kathleen Treubig (verified owner)

    Thank you to the New York Medium. I was so pleased with my reading. I found it insightful and helpful, and absolutely specific to EXACT events happening in my life. This is not my first time working with Marina, but I will attest that every reading, numerology or forecast that I have purchased from Marina have been 100% accurate. I found these readings to be helpful in keeping me mindful of what is happening in the cosmos, in my life and offer guidance as how to best move forward positively.

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