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Numerology Profile & Forecast

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What does your name and date of birth say about you? What are the Karmic Lessons are you meant to learn? What obstacles are you meant to overcome? What does this year bring for you?

Your numerology profile and forecast analyzes your important dates and brings to light significant issues and challenges you are meant to face in this lifetime.  Your profile will help you understand why you are so good at something things yet struggle to reach certain goals.  This report will uncover the underlying reasons for your success and failures and help you understand what’s in store for you for this year and the year to come.


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1 review for Numerology Profile & Forecast

  1. Kathleen Treubig

    At age 58, I had never had a numerology profile done…and frankly, did not know how it worked or what it offered….but I dove it, and purchased a profile from Marina. WOW WOW WOW WOW. How extremely enlightening….and oh my, how can numbers know so much about my personality! Absolutely amazing. I showed the report to my husband and close friends who said, “OH WOW, that really is you!” But the profile and forecast offer so much more. It offers insight as to how we can become our best selves. It is worth every cent. DO IT! Highly recommended.

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