Can A Medium Predict The Future?

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Can mediums predict the future?

Some will tell you yes. If they do, walk away.

Why? Because future is written and re-written by you.  Mediums merely pick up signals from The World Of Spirit.  And Spirit doesn’t want to alter your life – simply guide it.

predict the future

What is Free Will?

Free will is the birthright of each person on this planet – including yours.  Yes, I often talk about how we choose our lives while still in The World Of Spirit. However, once here, we always have options – nothing is ever set in stone.

We have options, and all parts of our lives are not predetermined. The choices that we make can influence the result of any given situation. We are all here to have human encounters and develop our souls. We’d all be hanging around like puppets on a string if we didn’t have an option of free will. Not only would that be amazingly exhausting, it would hamper our capacity to encounter and learn from both the good and the bad encounters that our lives experience. This implies that our activities can and DO change mediums’ predictions (i.e. alter the result of what was predicted).

As Abraham Lincoln once said:  “The best ideal approach to predict the future is to make it.” predict the future

But, What About Destiny?

Many people believe in fate. As previously mentioned, we – with the assistance of our spirit guides – predetermine many parts of our lives and individual happenstances we need to have to precede our incarnation for the reasons of soul development and karma. Not everything is predetermined, but a portion of the “biggies” – like who we will marry –seem to be.  Indeed, our parents accept to be our parents, as well! (This is the reason why when my children accuse me of being excessively over-protective I say, “Well, you picked me!” 🙂

So notwithstanding, when medium predictions let you know specifics (like what number of kids you’ll have), free will can decide how and when these predestined events appear in our lives. For instance, it’s probably not predetermined that you’re going to meet your perfect partner at 3 pm on April 15 while holding up in line at The Gap. That is particular. Besides, what if you get stuck in activity and never make it to The Gap? If it’s in your predetermination to meet someone in particular place, rest assured, you will… the universe will ensure it. It’s simply that it’s not essentially predetermined how that meeting will happen.

Here’s the most necessary part to recall about medium predictions and predetermination:  Our free will permits us to pick not to go to The Gap that day, even if our Higher Self and Spirit Guides are pushing us (as instinct) that we should get our butt over to the Gap. Because we have free will, we may overlook our instinct and not go to The Gap. We may even disregard Mr. Wonderful if he’s standing directly before us in line. Makes sense?

Do Any Medium Predictions Come True?

Psychic mediums can only relay the information as it comes to them from spirit.  HOWEVER, the information is just guidance from spirit.  

I recollect once telling a customer that she would get pregnant on her wedding trip, and she did. (Fascinating to note that this client hadn’t come to me to ask about pregnancy. The data was a “shock” message amid a mediumistic reading from her adoring grandmother in Spirit, and I tend to believe that there was something pre-ordained with this situation.)

So why some medium predictions work out, while others don’t?

Mediums work by turning into The World Of Spirit. And, while spirit usually gives us messages that we need to hear, it won’t tell us the future because every soul has free will.

We can see where you are heading if you remain the focused way you are on. In any case, remember, you can change that at any moment. I usually like to advise my clients, “If you don’t care for something that you hear, you can change it.” Also, remember that other individuals, who are included in your circumstance also have free will and their activities can change the results as well. For instance, you may inquire if you and your life partner will be getting separated. At this moment, the medium may receive a message to say yes. But you or your companion may conclude that you’ve put a lot into this marriage to stop – along these lines, two of you choose to give counseling a shot and wind up living happily ever after. Revealing exact details of your future would interfere with your free will as a soul.

Don’t Tarot Cards predict the future?

Not really.  What the cards do is illuminate any given situation and put it into the proper perspective for you.  The cards guide you and tell you that if you follow their guidance, you will achieve the expected outcome.  What you do with that information, however, is entirely up to you.

My advice: pay attention to the advice from The Spirit World – but remember: YOU are the only true master of your destiny.

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