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The annual spread reveals your personalized forecast and guidance for each month of the year.  It is a very detailed yet simple and affordable way to understand what the universe has in store for you for the coming year.  Remember: forewarned = forearmed!

This 12-card reading will focus on a SPECIFIC issue of your choice. Whether it’s your career, financial situation, relationship or any other concern, the cards will bring everything to the surface.  Not only will this reading highlight and illuminate concerns around your issue for each month of the coming year, but give you guidance on how to best deal with them and overcome any challenges and obstacles that may lie in your way.

Each annual reading is done personally for you, with the aim to answer your specific question or concern.  I shuffle and handpick the cards from the deck with you and your energy in mind and with the help from your guides.

As a member of both the Tarot Association and the American Tarot Association, I adhere to their highest code of ethics  to which I also add my own.  All my readings are guaranteed to be 100% honest, professional and confidential.

You will receive your detailed reading via email., including the exact cards used in the forecast.


**Please note: as a professional Tarot reader, I am not authorized to answer fixed questions about life or death, pregnancy or legal matters.  Please seek professional expertise for any of those situations.

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