Monthly Tarot Forecast

Monthly Tarot Forecast Reading

$29.99 / month


Forewarned – forearmed

Would you like to know what the energy is like for you for the next month? What should you look out for? Which issues should you prioritize and which can wait?

Then the Monthly Tarot Forecast is for you.  This five card spread is perfect for planning ahead.  Understanding the circumstances surrounding you can help you deal with them in the most efficient and productive way.  If you know the challenges ahead – you can prepare to overcome them. Knowing what where the Universe is trying to guide you is just the help you need to ensure you’re on the right track.

This Monthly Tarot Forecast is customized just for you and delivered to you electronically before the beginning of each month.



*Please note: the forecast is a subscription service.  You will be charged automatically each month.  You may cancel your subscription at any time via email.

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