The Spirit World

The Spirit World – A Detailed Description From The New York Medium

The Spirit World is very real. You don’t have to get on a plane or rocket ship to get there. It is accessed via the doorway of consciousness and dimension that your Soul must go through in order to get into the Spirit World. It is the doorway via which everyone will pass one day the moment death comes calling. How will get there will vary – based on our free will.  But here’s a thought for you: regardless of whether you’re King or Prophet; Lord or Tyrant; Rich or Poor – you will end up in the same realm as all other inhabitants of this planet.

Where is it?

The Spirit World is not above us or below us – it is everywhere surrounding us – just on a different vibration.  Remember an old transistor radio? If you wanted to tune into a Rock station, you dialed 97.2FM or if you wanted to hear the news you dialed 1010AM.  It’s somewhat like that.  We, humans, function on one vibration and the Spirit World on another.  As a result, more often than not, we can’t hear or see what the ‘other station’ is transmitting.

Nonetheless, some people experience a heightened or extended sense of perception, and they catch glimpses of this amazing world. These people are mediums.  We are not magicians or witches.  We are mere messengers, who are able to pick up vibrations from ‘a different station.’ We train our conscience, our Higher Selves, to work separately from the confines of the brain and body; thus becoming free to experience the Spirit World.

Happy travels

When we (all of us, not just mediums) go to sleep at night, our souls often visit the Spirit World. No, it’s not a separation of body and spirit and if someone wakes you up immediately – you won’t die.  However, it is when the human mind is resting, that our Spirit can reach its true home – the Spirit World – without the interference from our brain logic.  We sometimes remember such visitation as dreams. Often, those dreams occur as a result of our fears, cares, and worries; and sometimes not. A lot of people have claimed to have visited their passed-over loved ones in their dreams, but the skeptic will say that such experiences result from mere thought which resulted in those dreams. But, most people know better: these precious experiences are way more than just wishful thinking. There is usually a DEEP sense of knowing the differences from when you had a memory of a passed loved one in your dream and when you really COMMUNICATED with him or her.

What Do We Do in the Spirit World?

A lot of people always ask this question. Most of us attach ourselves to the present world. We rarely think about what happens next after this present life on earth.  Therefore, for a lot of people, no body and no earth translate into NO LIFE.

Reality is, however, it is the Spirit World, that is our true home and there, freed of our bodily burdens of money, hunger and sexual desires, can we really learn and advance as spiritual beings.

What gives us joy on the Earth plane will, most likely, remain the same when we get to the Spirit World. Death fulfills one thing: it allows our spirit to be free of the human body it has occupied and move through the doorway. Change is not dramatic, nor do we become perfect spiritual beings once we cross. That takes many lifetimes to achieve.

We remain the same inner spirit we were on earth – just more enlightened and compassionate.  For only there, in the Spirit World do we understand how all beings are really just a small part of One Universal Energy.  We learn, very often through rigor, and we grow through hard work. Nothing of the Spirit is given to us on a silver platter. That would be too easy and not beneficial to our development. And that’s why we keep reincarnating here on earth – to advance our spiritual progress.

Once crossed over to the Spirit World, we reunite with our loved ones that have passed before us – a grand reunion of sorts. Spirit tells me that it is the most wonderful feeling! I’m sure it is! Seeing our loved ones, the ones we thought we would never see again at the threshold with a smile and expressions of love and joy towards us must be wondrously amazing.

Family Reunion

Very often, some people, as they come closer to the time of death, see their loved ones already waiting for them even before they cross.  Perhaps that’s why death puts a peaceful mask on people –because it is welcomed and no longer feared. Seeing your loved ones waiting to greet you in the Spirit World provides much comfort and reassures that everything will be OK.

As the New York Medium, I facilitate such reunions.  I deliver messages from the Spirit World to their loved ones here on earth.  Mostly they just want you to know how well they’re doing and how loved you are.  And that’s what it’s all about – LOVE.

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