What Is A Soul?

We use the word Soul so habitually and so casually, that we often lose its true meaning. 

Virtually every religion, Western or Eastern identified a soul.  Judaism teaches that …”human soul came directly from God’s innermost Essence.” Christianity, claims that …” The soul consists of the mind (which includes the conscience), the will and the emotions.” And just to make it more confusing to most of us, it distinguishes between Soul and Spirit.  Building upon the Genesis theme, Islam maintains that the soul is something Allah breathed into people. The Hindu ‘Atma’ is an eternal, invisible, imperishable and unchanging soul that each of us possesses and Buddhism calls it …”the essence of man.”

So which religion is correct? They all are.  Each of them, agrees that the soul is the true essence of a human being and is eternal.

How do I know? Because I am a Medium – The New York Medium.  I speak to all kind of souls.  As a Medium, I can communicate with them, or, rather, they are kind enough to establish communication with me, to transmit messages to the loved ones here on earth.

With the coming of the ‘New Age’, we have often tried to grasp the definition of the elusive concept.  We started to refer to ‘our gut’, our ‘intuition’ and our ‘third eye’.  All of these merely scratch at the surface of the meaning of the Soul.  None truly pinpoints its magnitude.

What are we?

The truth is all of us are a mere balls of energy – walking, talking and thinking energy.  We are all unique – we have unique traits, characteristics and opinions, yet, truth be told – we are all part of the greater Universe of Energy.  Our souls, these balls of energy which retain complete clarity, complete knowledge and complete love, is what guides us to a life of love and learning.

There are few very fortunate people within whom brains and souls function in complete unison. Most of us, however, are in continuous struggle between our soul’s desires and our brain’s logical requirements.

It is often said that the soul of a newborn is pure.  Perhaps that’s the best way to describe it.  It is because the soul of a newborn arrives on earth with fresh recollection of the Spirit World – which is nothing but LOVE.  It takes the newly arrived soul years to lose that innocence in order to acclimate to the world on Earth.  With that, we also lose our connection to the Spirit World. And then the brain takes over.

How often we tell our children to stop playing with their imaginary friends or to stop making up some elaborate stories about a make-belief world.  Yet it is those are stories and imaginary friends that come from the world of Spirits.  As we grow up, we slowly eradicate all connection to that world in order to ‘fit in’ to this one.

How sad!

How much better this world would be if we allowed our SOUL to shine!

The soul is immortal.  It is that energy that is connected to ALL OTHER ENERGY of the universe (let that sink in for a moment!).  It continuously strives for advancement and is always learning.  Our stints here on earth are nothing but an extended class.  What we learn is different for each of us – it all depends on our development in the Spirit World.  One thing I can assure you – we are all learning something.

It is so often when I communicate with the Spirit World that they want me to relate to their loved ones that they are learning.  That often seems peculiar to the sitter, who is here in grief over his or her loss.  They want to discuss their family estates or world affairs, yet all the spirit tells them is that ‘they are learning.’

Yet it is that LEARNING that shapes and advances our universal energy. It is that Soul’s desire to learn that shapes our world and worlds to come.

It is for that, that our own Souls, our Higher Selves, try to help our lives here on earth.  They (really, we) do our best to guide our bodies through the travails on this earthly plane in order to advance in the next.

So the next time you have a ‘gut’ feeling, please stop and pay attention.  It is your eternal Soul, your Higher Self, sending you signals.

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